The new money manager for millennials

Pattern is the modern financial membership designed for millennials.

By equipping users with expert advice — a team of professionals delivering tailored, tech-enabled financial plans — Pattern maximizes wealth during high-earning years.

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As millennials accumulate significant assets and encounter new challenges like stock options and equity compensation, they are keen to upgrade from robo-advisors to personal advice from accredited financial advisors.


That's why we co-incubated Pattern alongside CEO Christian Maynard-Phillipp. Combining the best in class technology with human expertise, the Pattern team and Creature set out to create a product and brand that stood out from traditional (some could argue stodgy) investment advisors while also differentiating from tech-only roboadvisors.

Financial advice for the next generation

Pattern is like having a financial guru in your pocket. No more dealing with stuffy banks and their ridiculous fees. With Pattern, it's all about ease – top-notch financial advisors at your fingertips, whether you want to shoot them a text or hop on a video call.

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Dare to be different

In the midst of the robo-advisor craze, our messaging was BOLD. We plastered 'robots are for vacuuming, not for managing your money' across digital. We made an entrance, showcasing that we embody the best of both worlds - the authenticity of a human plus the autonomy of a robo. We’re like having your own financial superhero – only way cooler.

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