Sentient Jet

Sentient Jet is the pioneer of the private jet card. For over 25 years, Sentient Jet has been helping Card Owners create their story. Quickly, conveniently, reliably, and privately.

Prior brand campaign


During the pandemic, Sentient Jet had grown exponentially due to high demand for a safe, healthy, and convenient way to travel. The company pulled back on advertising because they didn’t need additional demand, but over the following years, the brand buzz and recognition began to fade.

25th Anniversary Campaign


The Sentient Jet 25th anniversary was the perfect reason to re-enter the market in a big way with a powerful brand anthem campaign, telling the unique stories of Sentient Jet Card Owners that the private jet company has enabled for over two decades.

Your story.
Your way.

When we began to think about the Sentient Jet history and story, it became clear that our story is really about the stories we’ve enabled for our Card Owners.

Whether they’re spending precious time with family or showing up to seal the deal, getting together with the people that count, or getting to the place they long to be. The story that Sentient Jet Card Owners make is more important than how they get there. Particularly when getting there is made easy.

So our campaign tells the unique stories of Card Owners.

Their story. Their way.

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Card Owner stories brought to life

We spoke with both the Sentient Jet team as well as Card Owners themselves to hear all the incredible stories that Sentient Jet has enabled over the last 25 years. We then brought those stories to life across an omni-channel campaign.

From closing deals and being home in time for dinner, to bringing the whole family to the big game, the Sentient Jet campaign tells the stories of the moments that matter most.

With our campaign concept in place, we went into production, creating videos, print and digital ads, experiential assets, swag, email, and more. We also developed a comprehensive social strategy and posts to activate our stories campaign across channels.

We continue to work with the Sentient Jet team to evolve and amplify the Sentient Jet Stories campaign.

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“Sentient Jet’s journey began 25 years ago with the invention of the jet card. As we look ahead to the next 25 years and beyond, we remain committed to advancing our industry and providing Card Owners with nothing short of extraordinary experiences and exceptional service.”

Andrew Collins. CEO, Sentient Jet


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