Vivrelle is an exclusive fashion and lifestyle membership unlocking access to a vast, one-of-a-kind designer closet filled with thousands of hard-to-find pieces, private offers from sought-after brands, and ins at the most exclusive doors.

Vivrelle's prior identity system


Vivrelle had grown into an impressive business built mostly through word-of-mouth by zealous members, yet their brand identity wasn’t living up to the luxury product they’d become known for.

The company was at an inflection point, ready to scale but held back by a limiting identity.

Vivrelle's new identity system


In partnership with the Vivrelle team, we developed a comprehensive brand identity, brand language and toolkit that embodies the luxury lifestyle they enable for their members, while equipping the Vivrelle marketing team with the templates and assets to deliver consistent creative, at scale.

Have it all

Behind two large, gold double doors in Midtown Manhattan wait thousands of crave-worthy luxury handbags and jewelry lining the walls and stocking the drawers of the Vivrelle showroom.

Members grab complimentary drinks at the pink velvet bar before working with personal stylists to pick out what they’d like to borrow for the month.
We set out to build a brand that captures the essence of the NYC showroom, an identity that conveys endless opportunities for self expression, and an experience where members can have it all.

With the new brand, Vivrelle members and influencers will be even more proud to let their friends and followers in on their secret. And the luxe identity shows investors that the company is equipped for scale - both in its unique, compelling voice and in its utility.

And finally, the Vivrelle team was equipped with the comprehensive templates & guides to execute with consistency speed.

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Browse the closet of your dreams

While the Vivrelle team was working to re-platform their member app, we jumped in to bring the identity to life on the Vivrelle website, building a UX/UI toolkit along the way to apply to the front end of the app interface.

The Vivrelle design and UX teams now have the drag-and-drop building blocks, so they can create new features, experiences, and campaigns with ease, consistency and efficiency.

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“Creature was FANTASTIC in every single way. They were so patient as we worked through what we wanted the brand to be and they listened closely to reflect that vision. They really HEARD us, and the final project demonstrates that.”

Head of Strategy, Vivrelle


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