Ladder Health

Ladder Health, built in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, delivers virtual-first early intervention care for babies and young children (0-6) with developmental delays. Ladder's mission is to bridge the gaps in early intervention care and enhance its accessibility, as it is traditionally offered through overcrowded state-run programs, leading to care shortages.

By making early intervention more accessible, Ladder Health is helping to ensure every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Founder Lizzy Kidder came to Creature while she was developing the curriculum for Ladder Health in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital. They had a concept but needed a name, brand, language, and website.


We came together to audit the category and ultimately build a brand that balanced kid-friendliness with clinical rigor. Our work included brand strategy, style guide, templates, photography direction, naming, and UI/UX web development.

Reach new heights

Founder Lizzy Kidder faced challenges when her child experienced developmental delays, and she had difficulties accessing appropriate care. When she dug deeper, she discovered she was not alone in this struggle. Actually, 20% of children ages 3 and under (~2.5 million children) are eligible for developmental services, yet only 3.7% of those children are receiving those services today. Ladder Health set out to change these statistics.

We needed to build a brand as inspiring as their mission, one that would capture then attention of parents, caregivers and children across the nation.

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Every child’s developmental journey is unique.
Just like they are.

When it came to the brand, the real challenge was finding the perfect balance between kid-friendliness and clinical rigor. We couldn't have just a fun brand for kids; it needed to also represent the clinical expertise and input from Boston Children’s Hospital, ensuring it was held in high regard and trusted.

We named it Ladder Health to signify building a child’s future and reaching new heights. This concept is reflected in the brand through playful shapes building upon one another, happy children, and warm, inviting colors. The accessible design encourages families to both trust and use the product.

Ready, set, grow!

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“Creature was very receptive to our feedback and ensured that we felt it was a collaborative approach.”

Founder, Ladder Health


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