Sauces by Jrk!

Spicing up the sauce aisle

Elevate your next meal with Jamaican spice.

Sauces by Jrk! is a CPG company that crafts sauces with both taste and health in mind. Guilt free, real ingredients, no gluten and dietician approved.

Packaging Design

A fast-casual restaurant that focuses on Jamaican cuisine made with real ingredients had an idea. Could we bottle our sauces and create CPG business?


Jrk! turned to Creature to help define a brand derivative and new packaging concept, coupled with a Shopify-based website, to immediately begin testing the full acquisition funnel.

Coming out of the successful test, Sauces by Jrk! expanded their distribution and is now building another brand, Spices by Jrk!

Real food, done betta

The sauce market is saturated with choices, and we took on the task of adding some spice with JRK! How did we accomplish that? By zeroing in on what made JRK! stand out.

It all began at JRK! restaurant in Miami, where the patrons' love for the sauces catapulted them to regional stardom. What distinguished these sauces? They epitomize Jamaican culture, mirroring its traditions through meticulously chosen ingredients and unparalleled quality. Our aim was to capture the very essence of Jamaican culture in a bottle, reflected not only in the sauce but also in the authentic design of our packaging.

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“Creature was a joy to work with.”

Kyle Price, Founder


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