We are witnessing a silent pandemic of mental and behavioral health disorders among children and young people. Today, 1 in 5 children in the US have a diagnosable mental health disorder.

Yet, our children go without receiving proper care too often. That's why Handspring created a better care model.


Up to 25% of children in the U.S. have a diagnosable mental health disorder and nearly 80% of children who need care do not receive it from a specialized behavioral health provider.

Handspring is on a mission to provide quality behavioral health care that is more accessible, available, and affordable. But, mental healthcare can be scary and hard to talk about. Creature was tasked with building a brand and designing a care center that children would enjoy.


Meet Handspring - an evidence-based behavioral health center that provides essential treatment for all children and lifelong skills that empower their success. Creature led the brand strategy, naming, identity development and graphic toolkits for this fast growing behavioral health service.

Spring forward with confidence

The helping hand that springs children ahead - Handspring is encouraging children to brave new terrain.

We set out to create a brand that signaled dependability, understanding, and optimism - and one that did so for both families and providers:

Dependable: Unwavering commitment to provide quality care to all children. 
The brand should feel accessible & human while retaining elements of strength.

Understanding: Empowering kids by lending a helping hand at the right time.
The brand should feel empathetic without pandering to a vulnerable audience.

Optimistic: With the right care, every child can spring ahead with confidence.
The brand should demonstrate that there’s a path forward for every child.

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Accessible mental health care for all families and children

Our brand development work helped Handspring successfully launch their pilot in New Jersey and have provided continued support as they’ve expanded to Connecticut, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania — all with no waitlists.

The brand work has also been instrumental in attracting and building internal and clinical operating teams (30+ clinicians!) that are actively helping the 20% of children that have a diagnosable mental disorder.

As an active investor, Creature (via 25madison) has also supported capital raises and attracting investors and strategic advisors.

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“The Creature team was very responsive and always ready to address our needs.”

Kwasi Kyei. COO, Handspring Health


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