Inventing the future of retirement

The baby-boomer generation wants a different retirement than their parents. One where they can remain in their own homes and live their best lives. We set out to help them do just that.

We helped build a new company and brand that enables senior living at home by tapping into the equity of the home itself. This innovative approach, called Continuin Care at Home, enables retirees to enjoy the freedom they've earned and ensure it lasts.

User Research
Product Definition
Visual Identity
Market Testing
Web Design & Build

Truehold, a direct to consumer real-estate company, embarked on a mission to develop a new business - a Continuing Care at Home program,  an innovative offering that most people have never heard of.

Recognizing a perceived demand for an unfamiliar product, the Truehold team approached Creature with a significant request and limited timeframe.


We developed a brand for Evergold and tested our way to ad creative that converts.

A brand that produces results with a remarkable cost per Marketing Qualified Lead, giving confidence in Truehold’s continued investment.

Protect the lifestyle you’ve earned

In partnership with Truehold, Creature developed the brand strategy and visual identity, including naming, language and the first MVP test for a new Continuing Care At Home product, Evergold. We built the Evergold brand to provide an aspirational view at aging - a brand that celebrates freedom, exploration, and pursuing passions.

We then validated our identity and value propositions through in-market testing to hone in on winning audiences, messaging, and creative.

The resulting brand toolkit empowered the Evergold team to effectively communicate the Continuing Care At Home product, and confidently engage with potential customers as they entered the market.

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Care coverage and wellness management that enables the life you envision, in the home that you love

Evergold is an ingenious product, but one no one has ever heard of it and Evergold comes with a hefty price tag. Despite its potential to ultimately save members money on long-term care and provide assurance that future healthcare costs will be covered, marketing this product presented a significant challenge.

Through extensive customer research, and our proprietary 'Words that Work' testing methodology, we effectively drove a 500% increase in click-through rates when compared to a prior Truehold pilot, and we reduced the cost of marketing qualified leads from ~$400 to ~$100. 

With a fully developed brand and validated marketing acquisition funnel, Truehold gave the project the green light for full market launch, planned in Q4 2023.

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