DroneUp was born out of a vision to make autonomous flight good for people, good for business, and good for the world.

Their vision is to expand access to autonomous flight technologies for safer, cleaner, and more efficient communities.


The DroneUp marketing team came to us frustrated with the lack of flexibility (and therefore efficiency) within their brand identity.

Their value propositions weren’t clear and their creative felt out of date - preventing lead acquisition at scale.


We developed a refreshed brand for DroneUp and tested our way to ad creative that converts. We've since expanded into supporting full service marketing, strategy and XD.

The Path Forward is Up

We started at the foundation - developing a new brand strategy that spoke to the future vision of the company, with tailored value propositions for their business and consumer end customers. We crafted bold, new language that excited customers about the possibilities enabled through drone flight.

Inspired by the DroneUp tagline 'The path forward is up,' the Creature team brainstormed ways to embody their mission through an elevated, light, and airy visual identity. Additionally, we aimed to empower the DroneUp team to efficiently generate consistent, high-quality content at scale through a system of replicable tools, templates, and assets. Our theme, "Lift up," pursued a dual objective: enhancing their current identity and showcasing a bold pioneering spirit.

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A reimagined value proposition and supporting collateral that bolstered both marketing and sales objectives

Collaborating closely with the DroneUp team, Creature revamped the DroneUp Brand Strategy, refining elements such as the value proposition, reasons to believe, brand pillars, personality, and more.

With the refreshed identity and brand strategy in place, Creature proceeded to redesign pivotal marketing materials and execute omni-channel media campaigns targeting each distinct audience. This approach yielded their lowest ever MQLs and conveyed distinct messages paired with impactful creative, resulting in tangible outcomes.

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“Creature's extreme professionalism, accompanied by their impressive work, sets them apart from every other agency.”

Nikki Craumer, Head of Marketing, DroneUp


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