AKKO is the industry-leading device insurer, delivering exceptional protection paired with customer service that truly cares – keeping the world going with the things they can’t go without.


Akko is a fast growing device insurer, focused on individuals and families and protecting devices that matter most. Their future plans included expanding their product to support small businesses and enterprise customers - they recognized the need for a fresh take on brand, positioning, language, and visual identity elements to support their new business strategy.


Akko worked with Creature on defining a new brand positioning and identity - focused on serving the wider target audiences. Creature developed a full identity toolkit, including web and mobile component libraries to support engineering teams.

When our device breaks
or is lost, we lose our shit.

Our devices are much more than, well, devices. They're our lifelines connecting us to family, friends, work, and the world. Any disruption, whether it's a break, theft, or mishap, can disrupt our lives significantly. Yet, the device protection industry is largely complacent and complicit, taking advantage of the “it’s just the way it is” consumer mentality to deliver subpar service at a questionable price.

Enter Akko, device protection like it should be. Cover your phone, laptop, electronics, and other vital personal items – all for just $15 a month.

Given its disruptive model, certain to resonate with both consumers and businesses, Akko sought to expedite growth. This endeavor was further bolstered by a new strategy and visual identity crafted by Creature.

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Keep going with the things you can’t go without.

With our new value proposition in place, Creature developed multi-variate messaging and comprehensive creative to support expanded distribution into Individuals, Families, SMBs, Retail Shops, and Enterprise Partners.

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