Hannah Pithan

Graphic Designer
  • Iowa State University (BFA)
  • Graphic Designer, Iowa State Athletics
  • Small Business Owner & Operator


In the dynamic world of design, I'm Hannah, a graphic designer specializing in crafting compelling brand identities. I thrive on creating brands that demand attention—infused with intention, thoughtfulness, and an unwavering focus on elevating ambitious visions.

At Creature, my mission is simple: to leave our clients feeling confident and excited for the success that unfolds after our collaboration.


A proud Midwest native, my roots are deeply embedded in America's heartland. When I'm not behind the design desk or photographing for clients, catch me exploring local coffee spots, hiking with my fiancé, cherishing family dinners, and horseback riding in the scenic Iowa countryside.

Quick facts about me: I'm a devoted dog person, adore autumn colors, savor iced espresso shots with whipped cream, and find joy in gardening. Known for my strong work ethic, drive, down-to-earth nature, occasional spontaneity, and being a good friend.

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